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Definition of terms

The www.sitename.com online store is managed by Copmany Name (hereinafter referred to as: “Provider”). The Provider ensures the operation of the www.sitename.com wine shop in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. User is any person using our system, i.e. a customer of the online store.The online store is an IT system designed to present and sell products to the customer.


By registering at www.sitename.com, the visitor is given a user name, which is the same as their e-mail address, and a password. The username and password unambiguously link the user to the input data. By registering, the visitor becomes a user and gains the right to purchase from the store; at the same time, they also agree with the contents of the Terms & Conditions.


All prices are listed in EUR and include the Value Added Tax (VAT), except when registering for wholesale, where the prices are displayed without VAT. Prices on the www.sitename.com website next to an individual type of wine do not include the delivery fee. The price displayed at the end of an order is made up of the purchase price of the merchandise (wine) and the delivery costs. The Provider reserves the right to change prices without prior notification. The price, displayed at the moment of placing an order, is the valid price.

Returning Goods

In the event the Provider erroneously sends the wrong goods, these are exchanged at no additional cost for the customer within 3 days from receiving notice on the return of goods. The products must be returned in the original packaging and undamaged. We will wire the purchase price for the goods to your bank account no later than the 10 days following the return of the goods.

Personal Data Protection

The Provider undertakes to always protect all personal data. The data will be exclusively used for contacting the customer, delivering goods and preparing offers. No third parties shall have access to this data, meaning they are protected from being lost, misused, divulged, altered or destroyed.

Age Limit


It is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to minors. The buyer must be 18 years or older when placing the order. Otherwise, the Provider will cancel the order.

Complaints and Disputes

The Provider respects the valid consumer protection laws. The Provider will try to set up an effective system for processing complaints and solve any potential disputes amicably.