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My name is Cathrin Prana, but people call me only Sunbeam!

I am a positive and hardworking girl from Norway who works hard everyday to achieve my dreams!

People are always very happy to work with me because I love to spread a lot of joy around me and feel at home in front of the camera! I love working as a model, and have worked full time as a fashion model for several years around the world, with great experience.

I am a fully educated film actor at the Norwegian Acting Institute as well, where we had a lot of focus on Method Acting. Playing different characters in movies is important to me, since I have experienced a lot in life and feel I have a story to tell, something I like to put into a character. I have also traveled a lot around the world, which has given me a lot of life experience.

I have a great passion for health, because it is important for me to always be healthy, so I can have full focus on my job!

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